Retro Asteroids is a fun remake of the arcade classic "Asteroids".

The basic idea is simple. You're in a spacecraft - the smallest and least detailed ever, probably - in the middle of an asteroid field, and have to use your ship's many (okay, 3) abilities to survive.

Your first option should be to turn and accelerate to move out of the way.

Sounds easy, but it won't protect you for long, which is why you'll spend more time hammering away at the fire button.

If it still looks like you're about to get destroyed, hitting "Hyperjump" will take you somewhere safer. Hopefully.

The game still isn't easy, but master and combine these tricks and you just might enjoy the final twist: an extra life every 5,000 points.

What's New
Score Fix: Now asteroids and bonus give 2 to 4 more points. Extra live rate have been changed too.

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A classic arcade game, easy to learn and fun to play.