Nothing places quite such a heavy demand on your PC as a leading-edge game. And if your system isn't quite up to the challenge, then the chances are you'll already know the results: lengthy startup times, an unresponsive interface and poor frame rates. Don't give up just yet, though - there may be a way to improve your PCs performance.

Run Game Booster and it'll scan your system for unnecessary background programs and services. We tried it on a test system and it located 13 active processes that were surplus to requirements. These could all be closed in a couple of clicks, freeing up more than 140MB of RAM, and a few other system resources, to help improve our gaming speeds.

And if that's not quite enough, then the program can also check your game folder for file fragmentation. Just click the Game Defrag button, select your game and click Analyze. In our tests the program detected and reported on fragmented files in a second or two, and didn't take very much longer to defragment them, delivering a worthwhile speed boost without the hassle of having to defrag your complete hard drive.

Game Booster Premium contains more functionality than the freeware version of Game Booster. It ships with advanced game boosting technology, a PC tweaking tool, fast automatic updates, free technical support and more.

There is no trial of Premium. The download here is for the free edition. You can purchase Premium from IObit or our software store.

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Game Booster provides an easy way to free up valuable system resources. This may not make much difference - it all depends on how well your system is optimised at the moment - but as the program is free, we'd recommend you give it a try