There are a huge range of different simulation games available - everything from theme parks and hospitals to war and building. Harbor Master HD for iPhone is somewhat unique in that it enables you to take control of a busy harbour, direct boats as they unload their cargo.

With stunning graphics, Harbor Master HD for iPhone is not only an eye-catching game, but also an immensely immersive and enjoyable one. As well as ensuring that the correct cargo is delivered to the relevant dock, you need to be careful to ensure there are no collisions.

The game itself is available completely free of charge - a real boon for iPad owners looking for a game to show off their larger ouch screen - but additional levels can be bought as in-app purchases.

With pick-up-and-play appeal, gorgeous looks and addictive gameplay, Harbor Master HD is one of those games you have to experience to fully appreciate - and you won’t be sorry you did.

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A unique simulation game which is well worth a look, and one you should prepare to give lots of time to.