Everyone knows that the night of Christmas Eve is Santa's busiest day of the year - in Gift Drop, you can take the role of Father Christmas as you help to deliver presents to children all over the world. You have to not only deliver as many presents as possible, but also avoid losing or damaging gifts.

The game sounds simple, but as things get frenzied and the pace quickens, things get trickier. Gift Drop can be played in two different modes. The Dawn mode sees you racing against the clock to deliver presents before dawn breaks, with speed and accuracy being key.

Play in Dusk mode and you are essentially playing in arcade mode, seeing how long you can keep delivering presents. As well as obstacles and weather, you will also have to avoid the threat of freezing if you fly too high.

With simple controls, addictive gameplay and all the festive fun you could ask for, Gift Drop will help you to pass the time until Christmas morning comes.

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A great game to get you and the kids in the mood for Christmas… good, clean festive fun.