Cyber-D's Tetris is a fun recreation of the classic game.

If you've ever played any other version of Tetris then there will be no surprises here. Coloured blocks fall, you rotate them into position, points are scored when you've created a solid horizontal line of blocks, and it's all just as insanely addictive as you remembered.

The controls are all very simple. By default Cyber-D's Tetris mostly just uses the cursor keys (Up to rotate, Down to drop, Left and Right to, well, move left and right), while pressing P will pause the game when you actually need to deal with real life for a while. But if you prefer something else, no problem, the keys can be reconfigured to whatever you need.

If you don't like the sound effects then they can also be silenced in a click.

And your best gaming efforts are recorded for posterity in a High Score table.

It's not exactly new or original, then, but Cyber-D's Tetris still has plenty of entertainment value, and if you love Tetris then it'll probably keep you amused for a very long time.

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Cyber-D's Tetris is a faithful recreation of the classic game, fun to play and with the key configuration options you need.