Back in the 80s, the Commodore 64 was the gaming platform of choice for a huge number of people. With this C64 emulator for the iPhone you can relive your youth and revisit those classic games from your mobile.

This officially licensed app includes Dragon's Den, Le Man, International Basketball, International Soccer, International Tennis, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack built in as standard, but a wealth of additional titles can also be purchased.

The emulator features both portrait and landscape play mode as well as classic sounds. Auto-save means that you can leave your game at any time and return later to pick up where you left off. With a wide selection of free and paid-for games available, the app is sure to have a long life.

Support for OpenFeint means that you can submit your highscores to see how your fare against other players from around the world. Commodore 64 for iPhone just goes to show that games don;t have to have stunning graphics to be wonderfully playable and highly addictive.

Commodore C64 v2 now supports real BASIC, so you can start programming your C64 emulator!

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With so many games to choose from, this Commodore 64 emulator provides a great gaming experience with a selection of 80s titles.