Be it your main bank account, your savings account or your mortgage, you probably use your bank's web site to keep up to date with the status of your account. Add to this electricity, telephone and other bills that can be checked online, and the chances are that you have to visit a large number of web sites to keep up to date with your financial situation.

Using Manilla, you can access all of this information and more from one place. The Manilla service is, ordinarily, an online portal through which you can access all of your financial data, but the Android and iOS apps make this information even more easily accessible. A single password is all that is needed to access all of your accounts.

To help you to avoid late fees, the app can be configured to send you reminders when bills are due. It is not just bills and accounts that app can be used for, Manilla can also be used to monitor your Groupon and Livingsocial coupons so you will never forget to use one again.

It may be daunting to put all of your financial data in one place, but it actually works wonderfully well. If only for the ability to receive reminders about your upcoming bills, Manilla is extremely useful, and the fact that bills can be marked as paid means that you can get an overview of your finances at a glance.

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If you are already a Manilla user, this app is essential, but if not, it is a great way to keep on top of your finances from your mobile.