WebSite X5 - Evolution is a powerful application which makes it easy to create top-quality responsive websites, even if you've no design or coding experience at all.

The program offers more than 1,000 professional templates covering just about every site type and topic area: e-commerce, blogs, sports sites, animals, food, movies, web portals and more.

Choose a design which appeals and you then plan your site's structure using a map.

From here, it's a case of populating each page in turn by dragging and cropping various elements onto your page. There are text blocks, images, galleries, tables, video and audio widgets, maps, Flash animations, product catalogues, email forms and more.

Each element can be styled in many different ways. The program doesn't embed an image, for instance - you're able to define a quality setting, resize method, apply a host of smart mouseover effects (like zooming in and displaying custom text), and even use some basic protection to prevent a browser copying the image. (Although of course if someone's determined to save it they'll quickly find some other way.)

Your project may be previewed at any time or uploaded via a built-in FTP engine for more testing. There's even free web hosting.

While it's focused very much on ease of use, WebSite X5 Evolution also has plenty of more advanced options and settings. Templates can be edited or created from scratch, navigation methods customised, responsive web design configured, and there's support for Google Analytics, RSS feeds, data management schemes, access control and more.

Please note, the demo version has many restrictions, doesn't support most templates, only allows a few pages and can't export anything. There's more than enough to give you a good idea of the program's capabilities, but you won't be able to create anything until you've purchased the full product.

WebSite X5 is also available in a base Start edition, with fewer templates, no responsive web design or free hosting and only the essential design tools.

Or you can opt for the high-end X5 Professional, which adds support for dynamic content, a premium e-commerce cart, in-depth project analysis and optimisations, more control over responsive web designs, even a customisable mobile app which visitors can download to receive your latest news.

What's new in v2019.2 (see changelog for more)?

- Full Height display. This new option lets you make your content always take up the full height of your visitors' browser windows. This makes the page look like a series of slides. 
- Template Library. We've added 5 new preset templates to the WebSite X5 Gallery: we developed them using the Full Height feature. In addition to these, which are available for Evo and Pro, we've also introduced 5 more which are only available for Pro.
- Blog - UI. We've improved the way posts are managed. With the new tool bar, for example, you can copy and paste posts, as well as search published posts.
- Blog - design. We've updated some preset settings and introduced new options: allowing you to design Blog pages and posts more precisely.
- Blog - responsive. In order to improve the way Blogs are displayed and navigated on mobile, we've revised certain layouts and behaviors.
- Blog - SEO. We updated the pages' code to introduce a few new tags which will improve the content's indexation on Search Engines.
- Online stores - design. We've improved the layout, added new options (regarding the style of the purchasing process steps, for example), and refreshed certain libraries (add/remove from shopping cart button, new items and discounts banner, etc.) which allow you to customize the design of your Product Sheets and shopping cart pages.
 -Order confirmation e-mail Pro only. We've introduced the option of choosing whether the order confirmation e-mail should be sent from the shopping cart before or after the payment is made.

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A simple, effective and reasonably quick way to build a professional website without requiring any design or coding skills whatsoever.