Not everyone finds it easy to grasp the design skills required to build a website from scratch, but choosing off-the-shelf solutions often leads you restricted in terms of design or functionality. WebSite X5 – Evolution attempts to combine a simple wizard-like interface with some powerful add-ons and a wide range of templates to give you the best of all worlds.

WebSite X5 – Evolution is the company’s top-end package for home users – if you can get by with less functionality and you’re on a budget, check out its Home or Compact packages for €20 and €40 respectively.

The program offers no less than 1,500 fully customisable templates to take the hard work out of designing your website. It supports any kind of website too – including blogs and online shops. Once you’ve picked your template, you then plan your site’s structure using a map. From here, it’s case of populating each page in turn with content using a table-like grid to lay out the various elements on the page. This is a little restrictive, but you can choose how many rows and columns, plus resize them easily.

From here it’s a simple case of dragging and dropping various elements on the page – 12 types are supported, from text, images, tables and galleries to product catalogues, forms and custom HTML code. Each element can be edited or styled appropriately too, allowing you to import photos and then crop them before adding filters, for example.

It’s all very simple – the wizard-driven approach makes it an especially good choice for novices. We’d quibble a little bit at the price tag, but seeing as you won’t be needing to employ the services of anyone else to build your next website, it could be money well spent.

This demo version restricts you to saving up to 10 pages and export is disabled.

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A simple, effective and reasonably quick way to build a reasonable looking website without requiring any design or coding skills whatsoever.