It may sound like stating the obvious to say that a web design tool has been built with web designers in mind, but all too often this is simply not the case. Espresso stands out from the crowd thank not only to its great looks but also due to the fact that the web design workflow process has been kept in mind.

The program interface is divided in Workspace, Project and Publish sections, with the workspace housing all of the files that will go into making your web site. Files can just be dragged and dropped into place and tabs can be used to help keeps things better organised.

As the name would suggest, the Project section is used to store all of the files used in your current project while the Publish section is used to upload to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 or FTP with SSL server. If you have different versions of files online and offline, merge, update and mirror options can be used to determine which files should be updated during the upload process.

Espresso language support is impressive to start with, but through the use of 'Sugars' it is possible to add support for virtually any language you need, or even write your own. This is a serious web developer's tool - there is no WYSIWYG interface as this is aimed at hand coders - and the concentration on project workflow helps to ensure that you are left to focus on the job of web design rather than battling with unhelpful tools.

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An impressive coding tool, if a little expensive, Espresso earns its stripes through its endless extendability.