CudaText is a powerful plain text editor, designed for programmers but also very accessible to other users.

The program's tabbed interface enables opening several documents at one time. These are saved and reopened by default, too, so you can close CudaText at any time and carry on where you left off later.

Tabs may be split horizontally or vertically, so for example you're able to open two independently scrolling windows for the same file.

It's also possible to open tabs in groups, allowing you to compare two or more files side by side.

There's support for multiple selections. Select one paragraph, hold down Ctrl as you select a second in some distant part of the document, and you can operate on them both at once.

Versatile case conversion options include UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case or inverted case.

If you're a developer then you'll appreciate the syntax highlighting and HTML/ CSS support (autocompletion, HTML color codes underline, picture viewing), code folding, code tree structure and more.

The program also provides a host of plugins to support features like code snippets, macros, a color picker, and more. NOTE - this is the 64-bit version

What's new in (see changelog for more)?

+ add: preinstalled TreeHelper for Markdown
+ add: added tiny progress-bar for lexer parsing progress
+ add: added rendering of selection background, when it's after line end (with "caret_after_end":true)
+ add: option "autocomplete_close_chars"
+ add: improved context menu for "Tab size" statusbar cell
+ add: plugin Comments improved: stream comment for entirely selected single line is added inside that line; stream comment for entirely selected 2+ lines is added on 2 new lines
+ add: dialog "Settings - theme - syntax" shows colored marks in listbox
+ add: huge lines (length>4k) are now completely ignored by lexers (so file containing single huge line, e.g. minimized JSON, will take no time at all)
- fix: crash with Differ plugin (click on interline gap)

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CudaText is a nicely-designed text editor, immediately accessible as a capable Notepad replacement, but with a pile of developer-oriented extras for those who need them.