Convert.NET is a free (for-personal-use) portable text conversion and processing toolkit, aimed at developers but useful for others, too.

A translation module acts as a shell for multiple translation engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Excite), and supports 94 languages. It's able to check text in a text box (something you've typed or copied from the clipboard), at a URL, in one or more local or remote documents.

There's a full-strength C# <> VB.NET converter, also with support for converting anything from a pasted chunk of code to multiple files.

An Encrypt/ Decrypt module allows you to create encoded text messages using AES, Rijndael, DES, TripleDES or SHA.

An Encoding/ Decoding module converts text and files between various encoding schemes (Base64/ HTML/ URL/ URL-js/ ESCAPE-js).

There's also a LINQ tester, a regular expression tester, and - just in case you needed one - an HTML/ JSON/ XML browser thrown in as well.

Version 8.0.6229 (Changelog):
- Multi-Language Translation :
Upd:??Google Translate ????????* (6229) Upd: Associate with Google Translate Related changes Update processing * (6229)
- ????( XML, JSON and HTML Browser ): - Object Browser ( XML, JSON and HTML Browser ):
Upd:??JSON ??????????(>4MB)???(6229) Upd: Improved JSON Export Format File Length Limit (> 4MB) Problem (6229)
- ?????( C# and VB.NET Converter ) / ???????( LINQ Tester ): - Code Interchange ( C # and VB.NET Converter ) / Language Integration Queries ( LINQ Tester ):
Upd: [???????]???( Ctrl + Right ): ????????????????????????(6229) Upd: [skip to next word] Shortcut key ( Ctrl + Right ): Resolve the problem that the last line will be repeated if it is at the end (6229)
- ???(Main): - Main program:
Upd:???????????????(6229) Upd: Improved exception handling when starting a read configuration file (6229)
Upd:??Dictionary .NET 8.6??(6229) Upd: Integrating Dictionary .NET 8.6 Modules (6229)
Upd:??????????, ???????(6229) Upd: Other Includes Cumulative Minor Updates, Fixes and Optimizations (6229)

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Convert.NET has a bizarre mix of features, but the translator will be worth having for most people, and the C# <> VB.NET converter is a plus for developers.