There are many applications out there that will enable you to produce websites, with ease. Indeed, there are some amateur web designers who will charge a company when they simply produce their website through tools such as RapidWeaver. Yes, it’s a superb application, but you’ll only ever go so far unless you get to grips with the code behind each page.

Coda is an old-fashioned coding tool that enables web designers and developers to quickly and easily put together the pages, from scratch. Whilst you’re coding up your page, you get a live preview of the website, so you can quickly see what you’re doing. It also ships with a number of books and reference material which you can use to help master your code, whilst you produce your pages.

If you work with other users, Coda enables you to share the same documents between a team. For example, if you upload your files to a remote company server, sub-versioning enables you to upload new documents as a new version, checking in/out each document, rather than overwriting a file that another user has contributed.

As most sites are now completely CSS-driven, Coda has this covered too, enabling to quickly and easily develop your CSS for each page. You can tweak the CSS real-time and see how it appears in the live preview. Once you’ve finished a page, Coda has all the advanced FTP support to get your pages on to a remote server.

Coda 2.7.2 adds these improvements (see changelog for more):

- Switching Panic Sync accounts now prompts users to reset data

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One of the best hand-coded web editors for the Mac