Bug Shooting is a screen capture tool which is oriented for use by developers and software support teams, although it could be useful for many different applications.

The program supports many different capture types. It can grab the full screen, the active region, a particular on-screen object, a freehand region, a frame from your webcam, and more.

A built-in editor then allows you to manipulate the grab in various ways. You might crop it, for instance; add arrows, lines or stamps; or maybe a text caption or two. These aren't just boring plain grey lines, either. You're able to add colourful lines which curve to point at whatever you like, and even have a shadow automatically added.

The real power here, though, comes in Bug Shooting's ability to output its grabs directly to bug tracking, issue management and other systems. There's direct support for outputting to FogBugz, Gemini, OnTime, BugTracker.NET, Mantis BT, Done.Done, JIRA, Bugzilla, SpiraTest, elementool, Unfuddle, informUp, BugNET, YouTRACK, Assembla, ImageShack, TwitPic, Abload.de, Skype, email, Gimp, Outlook, Word, Excel, Pain, Thunderbird, FTP or the command line. And if that's not enough, Bug Shooting also provides an output API to help you customise it for your application of choice.

Bug Shooting Added Czech language

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An excellent screen capture tool which is particularly useful for software developers