Edge is a first public preview of a new Adobe tool, which allows you to create Flash-like web animations using standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The package provides drawing and text tools to help create new graphics, or you can import exist content in all the usual formats (that's SVG, as well as PNG, JPG and GIF files).

A timeline editor makes it easy to animate an object's position, size, shape, colour and more.

And your finished animation can then be stored in its own individual JavaScript file, which means it can be added to existing HTML documents with the absolute minimum of hassle.

To help you get started, Adobe have provided several animation examples. Click "Download Sample File" to open a browser window at the relevant page (or visit the Edge Resources site to take a look before you download).

Keep in mind that this is a first public preview, though, and so the program doesn't work entirely as it should. Double-clicking the .edge project file in the examples, for instance, caused Edge to load and then immediately crash on our test PC; we had to launch Edge first, then click File > Open to access the test samples properly.

Edge is supplied as a152 day free trial.

Note that you need an Adobe account to obtain downloads from the Adobe Labs. The download link here will take you to the page where you need to login to proceed to your download.

According to Adobe, "with Edge Preview 2, we have done additional work across a range of features, copy and paste of elements, drag and drop z-index manipulation, smart guides, align and distribute elements, direct editing of the playhead time, and many bug fixes including a major Windows crash."

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Edge isn't exactly reliable right now, but that's no surprise for a first preview edition. The Edge examples show some impressive animation abilities, though, and it'll be interesting to see what Adobe do with the package next.