Napkin Sketch is a simple tool for quickly mocking up user interface ideas on your iPhone or iPad.

You start by adding a few basic objects: rectangles, icons, text, maybe photos from your camera roll.

You can tweak details like the font, colour, drop shadow, corner radius or alpha to get the effect you need, then freely duplicate objects (just tap with two fingers), lock/ unlock them, snap them into place on a customisable grid, maybe move them in front or behind other objects.

Whatever you're doing is automatically saved when you switch to something else, and of course you can also take a screenshot to share it with others.

What's New in Version 2.6

Upload PNGs to InVision, Slack, and more!

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Napkin Sketch is very basic, but also lightweight and easy to use, ideal if you need to present a simple idea in a meeting or over coffee.