Serious Photoshop users are likely to have a graphics tablet connected to their computer to allow for more natural use of digital materials and equipment. Adobe Nav for Photoshop is an iPad app that enables you to use your touchscreen to activate tools in Photoshop and navigate through open documents in the desktop software.

The toolbar that is displayed on your iPad can be customised to house up to 16 of your most frequently used tools so that they are always easily accessible. Whether you are working with a mouse or a graphics tablets, the ability to select tool in this way can be a real time saver and could also enable you to free up space in Photoshop by hiding toolbars.

The app can also be used to browse through up to 200 documents - this gives you the option of displaying images, zooming in and re-order documents from the comfort of your iPad. Browsing through your document in this way quickly becomes second nature and provides an easy way to activate files in Photoshop while leaving you free to concentrate on creative work.

In order to use Adobe Nav, you need to be working with Photoshop CS5 and ensure that it has been updated to the very latest version. Aside from this, you will also need to make sure that your PC or Mac is connected to the same network as your iPad so that communication is possible.

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A great way to interact with Photoshop, although it is unlikely to completely replace your keyboard or graphics tablet.