Backups are, in general, a very good idea - but some backups are better than others. If you regularly copy vital files to an external drive or DVDs, for instance, then you have some protection, but if there's a fire or burglary then you could still lose everything. To be completely sure that your files are safe, you really need to take advantage of an online backup service. And we have the ideal candidate in mind.

The UpdateStar Online Backup service makes it easy to back up selected personal folders (Desktop, Favorites, Documents and so on), or you can specify particular folders you'd like to protect. Click Backup Now and the program will upload your files to UpdateStar's servers, and subsequently it'll run the backup automatically, no further intervention required.

Having your most important data stored elsewhere could be a security concern, but in this case there's no need to worry. The files are encrypted on your PC, then sent to UpdateStar via a secure connection, so no-one's going to be able to access them but you.

If disaster strikes, then you can restore anything from an entire backup to a single file. But that's not all. UpdateStar Online Backup keeps the last 30 days of backups, and they're all individually accessible, so there's no problem in, say, restoring a two-week old version of that spreadsheet you're working on.

Won't that use up a lot of storage? Yes, probably, but here's the best part - UpdateStar Online Backup doesn't impose any storage limits, you can have as much storage space as you need, and there's no "per GB"-style financial penalty. No matter how much you upload, the service will cost no more than $5.95 a month, or $69.95 if you pay annually.

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Unlimited online backup space at an absolute bargain price. If you've a lot of data that you'd like to protect then this looks like a really great deal