Trend Micro SafeSync is an easy-to-use online backup and file synchronisation service that makes it easy to protect and share your most important files.

Initially the program offers you a list of user folders, for instance (Documents, Videos, Music, Pictures, Favourites, Contacts). Check the box next to any of these and Trend Micro will back it up for you, then monitor the folder for changes, backing up new or modified files as they appear.

The program will synchronise folders, too, so if you install in on multiple computers and allow it to back up your Favourites and Contacts folders, say, then any additions you make to either of those will automatically propagate across all your systems.

Accessing your online vault is straightforward, as it simply appears as another drive letter in Explorer. The service offers unlimited storage, so no need to worry about artificial limits, just copy whatever data you need there.

But what's particularly interesting is that SafeSync allows you to quickly share specific data with friends and family, too. Just right-click a file or folder, select "Trend Micro SafeSync" > "Get a shareable link" and you'll be given a special link. Email this to them and they can use it to access the file or folder you selected (but nothing else, it's quite secure).

Or, if the file is for more public viewing - a holiday video, say - then SafeSync can even provide you with "embed" code that allows you to insert it into a web page, automatically adding a media player for easy viewing (it's much like the way YouTube videos can be embedded in other pages).

Please note, this is a 30 day trial version of SafeSync. To use the service beyond this period you'll need to purchase a licence, currently priced at £44.99 for a year.

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A very easy-to-use online backup service with a lengthy list of bonus features