Backing up is not the most enjoyable of tasks, but when something goes wrong, you'll be pleased that you went to the trouble of creating a backup. The process can be made a simple or as complicated as you like, and for many people a mere copy of their important files is all they need.

However, if you have spent time installing applications and configuring your computer to your liking, should something go wrong with your system, you not only run the risk of losing valuable files, but also face the prospect of getting everything back up and running. This is where SuperDuper! can help.

The program makes it possible to create a bootable backup of all of the files on your hard drive which can be easily restored should the need arise. Once your initial backup has been created, the scheduling option can be used to keep it up to date with any changes you make over time.

Hard drive cloning such as that offered by SuperDuper is probably the easiest way to safeguard your data, and the fact that the backup is bootable means that restoration is also a simple process. Unlike some backup tools, SuperDuper! is not only comprehensive but also well worded so you are never in any doubt as to what you are doing.

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If you value your computer you need to backup the contents of your hard drive and SuperDuper! may just be the tool you have been looking for.