Copying the contents of one hard drive to another can be used for a couple of purposes - backing up and hard drive upgrading. When upgrading to a large hard drive, you face the prospect of reinstalling your operating system and applications as well as ensuring that your personal documents are accessible. Paragon Drive Copy greatly reduces the time it takes to make such an upgrade by automating the entire process for you.

The wizard based interface makes it easy to select a source and destination drive before copying the contents over in its entirety. The new drive can be made bootable and your computer is ready to use with the new hard drive in place as the primary partition. It does not matter if your computer is not able to boot into Windows as Drive Copy can be run from CD or DVD to provide access to its various options outside the operating system.

The program can also be used to create a complete system back. If you have a spare hard drive to hand, you can use it to house a copy of your main drive in case of hard drive failure. The copying of entire drives and partitions can be scheduled so that backups are automatically created on a regular basis. When copying data, the source and destination drives or partitions do not have to be the same size, and partitions can be automatically resized as necessary. Data can be copied sector by sector or backed up incrementally, making this a highly versatile tool.

The brand new Drive Copy v10 ships with Windows 7 support, refined user-interface, support for migrating virtual machines, simple backup/restore and more.

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Whether you're installing a new hard drive or want to create a backup of your valuable data, Paragon Drive Copy is an indispensible tool that will help you every step of the way.