Parachute is a safety net for your files, providing you with everything you need to create the backups necessary to ensure that you never lose a file. While there are a number of backup tools available for OS X, Parachute stands out because of its flexibility.

You have the option of selecting individual files or folders, and these can be backed up to local hard drives, external disk, remote computers and FTP servers. Backup jobs can be as simple or a complicated as you would like them to be, containing as many or as few folder as required.

The same folder can be backed up to multiple locations if required, and each job can be assigned a different schedule so that backup updates will be carried out automatically. As only those files which have changed since the last backup are saved, subsequent backups are created very quickly.

With the ability to store an unlimited number of backups for files, Parachute can be used to access previous versions of files in case you find you have made unwanted changes to your documents.

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An immensely versatile backup tool that can secure your files in the way you want