For many people Microsoft Outlook is their email client or PIM of choice, and while it is a multi-facetted tool with numerous uses, it is found wanting in the backup department. It is possible to export data from the calendar, email and task components, but a complete backup solution is notable by its absence - this is where Outlook Backup Assistant can help.

The program makes it easy to backup all of Outlook's data - including emails, calendar data, email accounts, contacts and more - in a single operation. This means that there is no need to plan ahead and have to remember to backup individual components individually as it can all be taken care of in one fell swoop.

Outlook Backup Assistant works with all versions of Outlook from 2000 onwards and can be used on a manual or automatic basic. If you regularly receive a large number of emails or create a lot of calendar entries, the option to schedule automatic backup is incredibly useful and the restoration process is made just as easy.

Whether you want to safeguard data against the risk of loss, or you want to make it easy to transfer data from one computer to another, Outlook Backup Assistant is on hand to help you out. Backups are encrypted for security purposes and compressed to reduce the need for too much storage space. An integrated file viewer can be used to browse backups for verification purposes or to check details in an archived backup. This is a hugely valuable tool which users of Outlook should welcome with open arms.

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If you use Microsoft Outlook to organise your life, Outlook Backup Assistant is an essential addition to the PIM.