Ocster Backup is an easy-to-use backup tool that can save files locally free of charge, or upload them to Ocster's online backup servers for a fee.

Local backup jobs are created via a simple wizard, and include the core features you'd expect from any backup program. So you get to specify the files and folders you'd like to back up, while exclusion filters help to refine the list. Your backups are compressed to save space, and may optionally be encrypted. Incremental backup support means the program will only save new or modified files, improving performance, while backup jobs can be run automatically, on a schedule, or just manually, whenever you like.

If you'd like to back up your files online for greater security then the wizard can handle this just as easily. Of course you'll need to sign up for an online account, first, and prices here start at $4.99 monthly for 10GB of storage space.

Ocster also produce a more powerful version, Backup Pro, that includes many extra features. It can mirror data, for instance; there's built-in support for backing up IE, Firefox and Thunderbird data, your Windows contacts, Outlook emails, calendars and more; and versioning support means you're able to access and recover multiple older versions of your backed-up files. The program costs $49.99 and you can find out more at the Ocster site.

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While it's a little short on features, Ocster Backup provides enough power for many people and is extremely easy to use