Nero BackItUp 2014 is an easy-to-use and very capable backup tool which offer 5GB of online backup space for free.

The program has a very familiar interface. You first select files and folders by checking boxes in an Explorer-type view. And then you choose the backup destination (internal or external drives, online, with network and optical disks available if you upgrade).

The paid version of Nero BackItUp 2014 also allows you to use compression, encryption, and configure your backup job to run automatically with an excellent scheduler. Unfortunately the free edition doesn't allow you to use these options, so instead you'll just click "Next" and wait as your files are backed up.

Restoration is equally straightforward, just use the client to select the backup job and the files/ folders you'd like to recover. Alternatively, log on via the web interface, where you can see your files and download them as required.

Apart from the PC edition, Nero BackItUp 2014 also provides Android and iOS apps. These apps can be used to back up your smartphone to your memory card, PC (if it has a copy of Nero BackItUp 2014 installed) or memory card. And again, once the client is installed then you can restore the backup in a few taps.

If you like the program, commercial plans are available at a reasonable price ($27.99/ year for 25GB online storage, $69.99/ year for an unlimited account,

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Nero BackItUp 2014 is an easy-to-use backup tool with some useful features. The free edition can't compress, encrypt or schedule its backups, though. It may still be worth a look for Nero fans, or if you need unified PC/ Android backups, but otherwise there are better options elsewhere.