Email is now one of the world's primary means of correspondence and this means that most of us have hundreds if not thousands of emails in our inboxes. It is likely that, particularly in the case of personal correspondence, you would like to keep most if not all of these emails, but this can lead to a burgeoning inbox that slows down your email client and makes it difficult to find individual messages.

MailStore Home is an email archival program that makes it possible to backup emails from multiple clients so they are available in one handy location. This is particularly useful if you use more than one email address, one or more of which may be a web based email account.

The program can backup email from Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo!, Gmail and a number of other clients and services. All of your emails are stored in one central location which can be searched, browsed and backed up to CD or DVD. This is a very handy option for when you need to reinstall Windows as it means you do not have to worry about manually exporting your emails to create a backup.

Messages that have been backed up can be previewed in the program and opened in your default mail client and there are a range of export options available. With secure storage and account-wide searching, MailStore Home provides a great way to store your old emails and free up your inbox.

What's new in Mailstore Home 11 (see changelog for more)?

- Search: Messages can now be searched by their archive date.
- Improved Recovery records are now stored in separate container files, contain all meta data of the messages and are updated in real-time.
- Improved Archive store recovery based on the new recovery records allows a rebuild of a corrupt archive store database without the need to export and re-archive messages.
- Improved Further hardening of encryption key file management to work around potential file system corruption.
- Improved Added TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support to outgoing connections when accessing email servers.
- Improved Telemetry data extended by hardware specs (CPU, memory, disk).

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With so many emails to consider, MailStore Home makes it easy to ensure that you never lose a message and remain in control of your inbox.