Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a simple free tool which can back up and restore user profiles for all the main browsers, most of the minor ones, and a few other packages as well.

As we write, the full list of supported applications is: Avant Browser, Comodo Dragon/ IceDragon, FileZilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (Favorites only), Lunascape, Maxthon 3/4 Cloud, Midori, Mozilla Firefox/ Calendar/ Sunbird/ SeaMonkey/ Thunderbird, Opera, Pale Moon, Rockmelt, Safari, Skype, Slimboat, SRWare Iron, uTorrent, Waterfox, Wyzo and Yandex.

The interface for all of this is very simple. A tiny console has the absolute minimum of options, and all you have to do is select your program from a list, choose to either back up or restore its settings, and click Start. The program asks you for a file name, then backs up (or restores) your data accordingly.

There is one small but valuable extra, though. Click Options > Add Software and you're able to extend Hekasoft Backup & Restore, giving it new settings file and folder locations for your other programs. This may not always work - you can only provide one folder location, and there's no option to save and restore Registry settings - but it's still a welcome touch.

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A lightweight, simple and free tool which makes it easy to back up and restore browser user profiles.