Apple recently launched their Time Capsule drive and then went and upgraded it with a 2TB capacity. Despite the Apple-generated marketing which portrayed the Time Capsule as an excellent addition to the built-in Time Machine, effectively the Time Capsule is simply a large hard drive on your network. With this in mind, it’s possible to use it as a device for storing data between different computers on your network, irrespective of operating system.

Although you can use network drives as a storage device accessible from any computer you give access (via a user/password), it’s best served as a backup device. Although you could manually move across the files you want backed up, the most effective method is to use specific backup software which will perform a regular backup of your important files. You can then restore the data in the future, if necessary.

Genie Timeline is a backup tool for your Windows computer that enables you to choose the files that you want to backup, a destination and then schedule a regular backup. You can group the type of files you want to backup, too. So you can select your email, photos and audio tracks and keep these backed up, without having to worry about your data. In future, if you need to recover lost or deleted data, you can go back, select a backup from your timeline and move the files back on to your system.

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Simple backup tool that enables you to select the data you want to backup, backup to more than one location, then recover via a history timeline if required in the future