DFIncBackup Home may be a cut-down version of the high end DFIncBackup Professional, but it's still packed with all the features you need to run simple, small backup jobs.

A simple wizard walks you through the process of choosing the data you'd like to back up, for example. Choose the "Email messages" template, then select either Outlook or Outlook Express, and the program automatically adds your mail folder to the backup job. (Until the authors add support for more email clients, you can also specify other folders manually.)

There's support for differential and incremental backups, which will save only files that have changed from the last backup run. Your backup will be compressed to a ZIP file, optionally encrypted using the industry-standard AES 256-bit algorithm, and may then be backed up to local, removable and network drives, or burned to CD or DVD using DFIncBackup Home's internal CD/DVD burner.

What's the catch, then? It's in the archive size: DFIncBackup Home won't create ZIP files any greater than 2GB, so it's strictly for small, quick and easy backups. If you like the program, though, it might be worth looking at the commercial version. This removes the ZIP file limit, and extends archive size with zip64 support. One-click manual backup then makes the backup process easier, command line support helps you automate it from scripts, and you gain the ability to execute a command once the backup job is complete. Open Help and click About Program > Comparison of DFIncBackup Editions to find out more.

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Easy to use and plenty of features, but the maximum 2GB ZIP file is a big limitation