If you've installed a buggy driver that's preventing your PC from booting, then it's good to know that you've got System Restore available. In just a few clicks you can use a restore point to rewind your PC to an earlier state and get it working again.

System Restore only makes backup copies of system files and the Registry, though, so if something else goes wrong - a virus infects one of your applications, say - then switching to an old restore point won't help. To recover from real disasters you'll need something stronger, a tool that backs up everything. And that's where Comodo Time Machine comes in.

Just like System Restore, the program takes regular snapshots of your system, recording new or changed files. The difference is that Comodo Time Machine records everything - Windows components, Registry settings, application files and documents, the lot. And so, when installed, this can make a real difference to how you use your PC.

At the very simplest, if you accidentally delete a file, say, then you can recover a previous version from a system snapshot.

If you've been infected by a virus, or something else has gone extremely wrong then you're able to restore an entire snapshot, effectively jumping back in time to when your system was running smoothly.

And if you have a publicly accessible PC, perhaps in an internet cafe, then you can allow your users to do whatever they like to it during the day. But when they've finished changing settings, deleting files, installing programs or whatever, just restore the default system snapshot and it'll quickly put everything back to normal again.

Comodo Time Machine does have one annoying problem. It's entirely incompatible with full volume encryption software, and wouldn't even install on a system that already had TrueCrypt installed. Still, if you can live with that, then the program could prove an extremely valuable troubleshooting tool, especially for PCs shared between many users.

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Encryption software issues aside, this is a very useful tool, and a powerful aid to recovery from almost any PC disaster