CD Recovery Toolbox Free is a data recovery tool that, despite its name, can help you to recover lost files from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs that may be scratched, or have other problems preventing them from being read correctly.

Unlike some of the data recovery competition, there's no jargon or complicated settings to configure. Simply insert the scratched disc, tell CD Recovery Toolbox Free where you'd like to save any files, and it'll go to work, scanning your disc for files and folders.

When it's finished you'll see a list of all the data that the program has managed to uncover. Select whatever files you need, click Save and CD Recovery Toolbox Free will save the files to your hard drive - easy.

That's the idea, anyway. In practice, if the disc is physically damaged then there may be files that cannot be recovered. And sometimes CD Recovery Toolbox Free may only be able to restore part of a file, so the copy it makes may not be accessible without further repair.

Still, if the disc holds particularly important data then any level of recovery is better than nothing, and so CD Recovery Toolbox Free is definitely worth keeping to hand, just for emergencies.

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CD Recovery Toolbox Free offers hassle-free data recovery that could be very useful to anyone who archives important data to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs