These days, people work across a variety of different platforms: computers, mobile phones and tablets. Ensuring the latest version of your data travels with you can be tricky if you rely on manually copying it between devices, which is why so many of today’s cloud-based backup tools also work by synchronising data between supported devices.

Online backup solutions are ten-a-penny these days, which is why Bitdefender’s Safebox feels like it’s a little late to the party. It works on Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone, and offers 2GB free online storage space, with paid-for solutions offering up to 60GB of online storage a year.

It’s simple enough to use: install the free app, sign up for a free account, log in and then start selecting which files you want to back up. Once selected, initial copies are uploaded to your secure online account – encrypted of course – ready for synchronising to other computers and devices (just sign in with the same account details, then choose what to sync), accessing via a web browser (log in at, or sharing securely with selected others, such as family and friends.

It’s all very efficient – changes to files are immediately uploaded to the server, and you can easily restore previous versions of files simply by right-clicking the file in Windows itself. The user interface is simple and uncluttered and it does what it says on the tin.

Unfortunately, so do so many other online backup services, and there’s nothing here to make Bitdefender Safebox stand out from the crowd. Most other services offer the same sync, share and backup tools, encrypt your data, work across multiple platforms (including Mac) and offer free accounts – in the case of AVG LiveKive and SugarSync, you get 5GB, while Windows 8 has SkyDrive and its free 7GB storage space built right into the interface.

What Safebox does have going for it is simplicity, but it’s not enough on its own to make it the must-have cloud backup product, particularly if you’re already signed up with someone else.

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A perfectly competent solution to the problem of online backup, but lacks any innovative features to make it stand out from the competition.