Store old files and backups on an external drive and you decide you want to erase the contents to use the drive for other purposes. You then realise you've deleted files you backed up for good reason - old photos or accounts information.

The solution is recovery software which will dig deep into your drive, find all recoverable files and list the files that can be salvaged, even those files that have long since been erased.

Acronis, famous for their backup and recovery software, True Image, has released a brand new application, Acronis Revive. Revive serves one key purpose: it enables you to scan drives and recover data.

When you launch Revive for the first time you are given the option to search your internal and external drives. Once you choose the drive you want to scan, a defragmentation-style window will appear showing progress. After this is complete, you can then nail down your recovery options by folder, creation time and last modified. The latter is particularly useful if you want to only recover the latest revision to edited files.

And that's about it. The odd thing about Revive is, frankly, that it doesn't look anything like a regular Acronis product - the UI looks very dated. Think more Windows XP than 10. It's certainly a licenced product, in our opinion. It's not a native Acronis product, despite the name.

It's also expensive, too, coming in at $49.95, so make sure you really need those files you want to recover, first. The trial version here will only find files to recover, you need to purchase to actually recover the files.

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Does a recovery job and then some, enabling you to dig deep and find specific files with ease.