Abelssoft Backup is a straightforward tool which takes the hassle out of protecting your most important files.

The focus on simplicity is obvious right away. The program doesn't open with an Explorer-type view of your data, a map of your drives, a cluttered ribbon or anything faintly complicated: just two buttons to create or open a new backup job.

Clicking "Create" gave us options to back up anything from individual files, to emails, Office documents or multimedia file types (all music, video or pictures), or entire partitions. Whatever your choice, you'll be set up with the minimum of clicks.

Backups can run on demand, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or when a specific drive is connected, and there's optional password-protection to keep your data safe.

Whatever you're doing, the program's support for incremental backups means it's only saving new or changed files, keeping performance high and your backup times as short as possible.

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