You may well wonder why a website such as YouTube needs an app when it has functioned, and indeed thrived, for so long with just a website. The increased popularity of mobile device goes some way to explaining the rise of single-function apps, and with touchscreen devices becoming more and more prevalent, the place for apps such as Your Tube is clear.

There have been dedicated YouTube apps for iOS and Android available for some time now, so it should come as no surprise that there is also one for Windows users. Your Tube take the standard YouTube interface and strips it down to its basics, making it ideal for tablet devices as well as more traditional PCs.

Upon launching the app you're presented with a selection of featured videos, but there are also drop down menus that can be used in conjunctions with the search field to track down something specific that you might be interested in. 

Searches can be limited to different categories of video - such as news, music or films - but the value of this is largely dependent on how good uploaders are at tagging and categorizing appropriately. Whether you are browsing through categories or performing searches, you can click through to any video to view a more detailed description and well as watching the video itself.

In many respects, this app is just a skin for the YouTube website. There are no new features or options added, but this is not necessarily as bad thing. Your Tube keeps things simple - very simple - leaving you to focus on the videos you want to watch.

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A pared down alternative to the YouTube website that helps to cut down on distractions.