So, you’ve taken a bunch of photos; now what? Having spent the time capturing memories, it makes sense to share them in the form of a slideshow. Whether to enjoy the images on your own to relive holiday and other past events, or to share your pictures with friends and family, a slideshow is a great way to give a presentation of your shots. WildBit Viewer is a free tool that enables you to do just this.

There is support for a massive range of image formats, so it does not matter if you are working with original images saved by your camera or you have edited them and saved them in a different format – the chances are that they will still be viewable in WildBit Viewer. When you view a slideshow, you have a staggering collection of 176 different transition effects to choose from.

Despite being marketed as WildBit Viewer, you will find that the installation actually includes a number of other tools. And they're surprisingly capable in their own right.

The Photo Editor, for instance, has six selection tools, six automatic image adjustment options, various screen capture options, some unusual filter tools, and more.

And a very comprehensive Search tool allows you to search for images by name, location, creation and modification date, size and attributes, along with any number of custom rules based on your picture EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags.

As well as being a useful tool for viewing your images, WildBit Viewer also works well as an image management tool. When you are editing images, you can use it use it to compare before and after versions of a files as well as taking advantage of its organization options to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Version 6.4 changes:
- Viewer,Slide Show,Editor,Search & Multi Screen Viewer <> Updated ImageEn to 6.2.2B version.
- Viewer,Slide Show,Editor,Search,Profile Switcher & Multi Screen Viewer <> Updated Eurekalog to version.
- Viewer,Slide Show,Editor,Search,Profile Switcher & Multi Screen Viewer <> Updated Jedi JCL&JVCL.
- Viewer,Slide Show,Editor,Search,Profile Switcher & Multi Screen Viewer <> 64-bit versions available.

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A powerful viewer with some excellent image editing, search and management extras