While digital photography is crisp and leaves your photos permanently preserved in their original state, there’s something to be said for going through old family photographs and enjoying the rich, if sometimes faded, variety of snaps from the days of film.

Filter-based image-editing tools are nothing new – pretty much any image editor (free or paid-for) worth its salt will give you a range of filters you can apply to your photos to add various effects, but Vintager is fun because it’s so simple to use. Load up your photo, pick a preset filter (16 are available), apply some additional tweaks, and hey presto, a photo that looks like it was taken 30, 40 or even 50 years ago.

The tool also includes some additional tweaks: depth of field lets you darken or lighten the edges of your photo for vignette or similar effects, and you can frame your photo too. Additional buttons reveal cropping, rotating and flipping tools, plus the ability to adjust brightness and contrast and even resize your image if required.

It’s all very simple, so if you’re looking for an advanced tool with fine control over the filter effects you’ll be left disappointed. On the other hand, if you want to quickly add a nostalgic touch to modern-day photos, Vintager 2014 won’t disappoint.

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Slickly presented, easy to use, Vintager 2014 successfully evokes nostalgic feelings through presenting your modern photos through a filter, but you probably won’t use it for long.