Video Image Master Express is a free tool with two main functions. The program can extract frames from videos in many ways, saving them as images. And it can also combine images into a video slideshow, complete with your choice of soundtrack.

There are more options here than we expected. When defining which frames to extract, for instance, you don't just get to select every nth frame, or a frame every x seconds. You can also choose the total number of frames you need, and let the program define the interval. And there's even an option to try and save frames when the scene changes (this isn't very smart, but it's still a useful feature).

The frame extraction tool also provides some surprising post-processing features. Images can be padded to fit a custom size, for example, and transformed in various ways (rotated or flipped). And you also get the ability to customise the output file name.

The Images > Video module is a little more basic, but it's still quite capable. After importing your pictures, there are options to choose the images per second, the video size, even a soundtrack. You can change the soundtrack volume and tempo, too.

All this functionality doesn't make the program difficult to use, though. The interface is clear and reasonably straightforward, and we were extracting thumbnails and producing video slideshows within a minute or two.

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A surprisingly configurable frame extraction and slideshow creation tool