Just because you have invested in an iPad, it does not mean that you are tied into using all of the default apps for day to day activities. While Apple is understandably keen for users to stick with the built-in music player, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from – and Track 8 is one such app. The idea behind the app is to make the process of browsing through your music collection more enjoyable, and it does this by providing you with a Metro-style interface.

The juxtapositioning of Metro and iOS may sound like it would jar, but it is actually very effective. The tiles main screen makes it easy to access your favorites albums and tracks and you also have the option of browsing through music that has been most recently added to your collection, or stick with the tried and tested method of working through things alphabetically. Of course, you can also use readymade playlists if you have taken the time to create them.

The interface is wonderfully fluid and there are plenty of ways to speed up navigating through your music collection. Want to jump straight to your Smiths albums? Just tap a letter at the top of the screen and then tap S to jump to that area of your collection – this works wherever you are in the app and whatever section you happen to be browsing at the time. If you have a particularly large collection, you may find that it is easier to perform searches, and the live update is a beautifully smooth touch.

With features such as background images from Last.fm and a great level of customization means that this is one player that can be styled to suit your mood. The fact that there is a price tag attached to the app is going to be off-putting to some, but spend just a few minutes using Track 8 and you’ll soon come to the conclusion that it is worth every penny.

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The idea of a Metro interface on the iPad is a little odd, but it works – a great looking app with bags of style.