SUPER is a lightweight video and audio transcoding tool that will quickly convert just about any media file into the format you need.

The program is able to convert audio files to and from any of the supported formats: aac, ac3, amr_nb, amr_wb, ape, flac, mmf, mp2, mp3, mpc, ogg, shn, tak, tta, wv, wav and wma.

Video handling is even better, with SUPER importing 3gp, 3g2, amv, asf, avi, dat, dvr-ms, fli, flc, flv, m2ts, mpg, mkv, mov, m4v, mp4, nsv, ogm, qt, rm(vb), str, swf, ts, trp, ty, ty+, tmf, viv, vob and wmv files.

And there are surprising extras. SUPER can convert a sequence of JPEGs into a time-lapse effect video, for instance, create animated GIFs, and even record streaming video and audio files using all the major protocols (http, mms, rtsp).

The program's interface isn't exactly designed for user-friendliness, though, with complex options crammed in everywhere you look. Still, if you're an experienced user then you'll appreciate the fine control you get over every conversion setting. And if you're a transcoding novice, then built-in presets will save you time.

To convert a file to play on the iPod or iPhone, for instance, choose the "Apple - iPod / iPhone (MP4)" Output Container and all the key settings will be configured automatically. Then drag and drop your files onto SUPER, click the Encode button, and it'll convert the clips for you.

SUPER 2016.70 changes include:

[ADD] 3D Back to 2D [ 3D >> 2D ] converter when the 3D input file is in SHUTTER mode (SIDE BY SIDE or ABOVE-BELOW)
[ADD] to the MOV Output Container the Video Codec [Avid Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Definition] [AVdn DNxHD - VC-3]
[ADD] to the MP4 Output Container 17 new Video Codecs to make it extremely rich and unique on the market:
Dirac, DV Digital Video, JPEG2000, CamStudio (Lossless), FFV1 (Lossless), huffYUV (Lossless), Lagarith (Lossless)
Raw UnCompressed (Lossless), Sorenson Video, Theora, VP4, VP6, VP61, VP7, VP8, WMV7, WMV8
[ADD] to the MP4 Output Container 14 new Audio Codecs making a total of 238 newly added MP4 format combinations, and even in 3D, ONLY with SUPER © :
ALAC (Apple Lossless), FLAC (Lossless), AC3, DTS, IMA 4:1, mp2, mp3, Speex, vorbis, WAV-(A-Law)
WAV-(µ-Law), WAV-sowt-(pcm 16 little-endian), WAV-twos-(pcm 16 big-endian), WAV-(pcm U8)
[ADD] the opus Audio Codec to 3 Output Containers : Webm, OGG Multimedia Format, OGG (Audio Only)
[Fix] 3D Recording bug

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If you can learn to live with the intimidating interface then you'll find this is one of the best and most powerful video and audio conversion tools around