There are countless ways in which you can listen to the plethora of online radio stations that are available. Many radio stations have a web site that features the option to listen to live broadcasts, and you may even find that there is the option of listening to older programs. You can also use many media players to tune into your favorite online station, but when it comes to recording broadcasts, things aren’t quite as simple, and this is where streamWriter can help.

As you may have guessed, this is an application that can be used to record online radio stations just as you would use your PVR to record TV programming. The wealth of internet based radio stations that exist means that once you venture into this world of online entertainment, you may well find that there are two or more broadcasts that you would like to listen to at the same time – this is not a problem with steamWriter as the program can be used to record multiple streams at the same time.

There is a huge database of online stations to choose from and as you record broadcasts, tracks can be automatically saved and tagged for you – this works even if you are recording two or more stations simultaneously. As you would expect from any recording app, you have the option of scheduling recordings so there’s no need to miss out on something just because you go out or the programme is broadcast in the middle of the night.

If you are listening to commercial radio station, you can opt to automatically cut ‘short songs’ (which should be advertisements) from recording to give you uninterrupted listening pleasure. You can also create a wishlist of tracks you want to record and, conversely, create a blacklist of tracks you never want to record. This provides you with a unique way of experiencing internet radio stations, and is a great way to find your favorite music as well as discovering new artists.

Version 5.30

  • Added option to remember playing stream on exit
  • Fixed bugs occurring when stream files were larger than 2GB
  • Added option to ignore invalid certificates
  • Updated addons

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streamWriter can take a little getting used to and can appear complex to start with, but it is very powerful and a great way to get hold of new music.