Snaps is a photo viewer which uses metadata to help organise your image collection.

When the program first loads, for instance, it imports photos from all the usual locations, and then sorts them by date. In just a click or two you can browse to whatever date you like, and view thumbnails of the matching images.

If your images have tags already then choosing the Tags category will reveal them, and again it's just as easy to zoom in on the photos you need.

Clicking "Places" displays a world map, with any geotagged photos flagged. Or you can click "Folders", and browse your images by their source locations.

Whatever option you choose, initially you'll just be viewing simple image thumbnails, but this core display is very configurable. You can add file names to the images, sort, group or filter them in different ways, add or remove various program elements, change the thumbnail size with a slider, and more.

And there are plenty of other features on offer. You're able to edit image tags, for instance; search for photos; geotag images, even upload them to Facebook and Flickr.

There are also some problems, perhaps in part because this is a very early version. The interface is sometimes confusing, a few buttons and options don't seem to do anything, and occasionally we had to restart the program as we couldn't find a way to return to the starting screen.

There's a lot of promise here, though, and the program is certainly worth a closer look. We'll be interested to see how it develops in future.

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It still needs plenty of work, but even at this early stage Snaps is a likeable free photo viewer which comes packed with useful features