Snap2IMG quickly generates custom images containing thumbnails of all the images in a folder, which can be very handy later (you can use them as indexes for CDs, say, or send them to friends as a quick preview of a particular image set).

The program offers plenty of ways to customise and configure each contact sheet. You can set your target thumbnail size to anything from 32x32 to 256x256, the thumbnails per row, their spacing, page margins, and the text to include (header, footer, file names, fonts). There are options to set up colours, add shadows or borders to thumbnails. But if this sounds complicated, then you can at least save your settings as a Preset for easy recall later. (Or you might just use the default configuration, which looks good enough to us.)

Once you've sorted out the visuals, it's just a matter of pointing Snap2IMG at the source folder, deciding whether you want to include subfolders as well, then clicking Preview to get a look at the results, or "Create & Save" to build the contact sheet images.

Snap2IMG has a few issues. In particular, there might be a bug or two in the way it processes images. We gave the program a few bulky folder trees to scan and it crashed on a couple of occasions for no apparent reason.

Most of the time, though, the program worked very well. It's easy to use, highly configurable, and a simple way to create visual indexes of the pictures on your hard drive.

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A simple and very configurable (it occasionally also unreliable) contact sheet generator