The problem with many screen capture tools is that, while they can often be customised to switch between capturing in full screen, windowed or custom modes, it can be awkward to continually configure them as required. This is an issue that SnagIt addresses by offering eleven preset capture modes that can be activated with simple keyboard combinations. The program can be used to capture anything you see on screen - and in the case of the option to capture entire web pages, even things you can't see - and the captures are automatically stored in the program interface ready for further editing or converting to various image formats.

Image editing options are basic, but more than enough to cater for basic screenshot editing. From cropping and scaling to adding text and drop shadows, all of the tools you could need are close to hand. If you frequently perform the same actions with your screen captures - such as resizing them to particular dimensions, adding the same text label and saving them in a specific formats - this can be saved as a keyboard shortcut for easy access.

Captures can be shared with others by posting them directly to Flickr, your blog or sending them via instant message or email. The fact that captures are automatically saved means that there is no need to remember to do so manually, but if you do want to help to keep things organised, detailed tagging options are available. For those difficult to capture moments, a timer can be configured to give you time to ensure that onscreen furniture is correctly positioned before a screenshot is taken for you.

This is an incredibly versatile tool that can be completely customised to suit your needs. It can be made as simple or as complicated as you need it to be, and for this it is to be applauded.

What's new in v2018.0.1 (see the full changelog for more info)?

- Fixed issue where sometimes arrows had no arrowheads and would create a new Quick Style.
- Fixed floating text properties so now they show font name consistently.
- Fixed crash when canceling a video initialization.
- Changes to German UI layout.
- Fixed photo quality auto-fill so it no longer ignores transparency.
- Fixed crash that could prevent the Snagit Editor from launching.
- Fixed crash that could occur when trying to sign into Snagit.
- Fixed issue that could cause Snagit to prevent Windows from shutting down.
- Fixed memory leak in the TechSmith updater.

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One of the most well-rounded screen capture tools available which features everything you could possibily need.