With a scanner attached to your computer, there is great potential for creating digital copies of text and images, and optical character recognition software can be used to transform the printed pages into an editable document. But you may not always have a scanner available and Prizmo enables you to achieve OCR with your digital camera.

The process of convert documents is a simple one. Take a photograph of your document and import the image into Prizmo. You can then select the portion of the image that contains text, adjust brightness and contrast to improve the legibility of text and then convert it into an editable document.

The basic image adjustment tools mean that it does not matter if your photograph is not perfect, and perspective correction can be used to correct other image problems. Text can be recognised in a range of languages and the OCR process is relatively quick and impressively accurate.

Converting paper documents into digital formats not only means that further editing is made possible, but also that the files can be indexed in Spotlight. If you have a collection of invoices, files, documents and other paperwork, Prizmo can help you to keep things better organised.

Prizmo 2.1.1 —
 •Fixed blocked interface that could occur when automatically processing scanned pages, just after scanning is performed. This option is typically enabled when using Prizmo with Voice Over.
 •Fixed installation of languages from the alternative OCR engine (hanged on OS X 10.7 and 10.8).
 •Better stability and smaller memory footprint when loading/displaying images.
 •Improved Portuguese localization.

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A great way to put your digital camera to better use, creating editable from printed documents.