Polarr Photo Editor Free is a limited Windows desktop version of the popular mobile and web photo editor.

The key restriction is you can only make changes to the entire image. There's also no custom filter option, batch export, and you don't get 9 premium filter packs unless you buy the full $19.99 version.

Does this matter? Maybe not. Open an image, click the Filters button and a host of thumbnails - "Cinematic", "Chill", "Warmth", "Calming" - shows how your picture could be transformed. There are 100+ filters to explore, and clicking any of them updates your image immediately.

If you need more control, a Color panel on the left has sliders for Temp, Tint, Vibrance and Saturation. Just click and drag to view the results.

Expanding the Light panel gives you simple Exposure/ Brightness/ Contrast sliders, highlight and shadow control, and some handy Diffuse and Dehaze effects.

The Detail panel includes Clarity, Sharpen, Color and Luminance adjustments.

Expanding "Optics" reveals a very configurable Vignette tool, along with grain control, and tools to correct lens distortion and fringing.

You also get HSL adjustment, a Toning panel, and RGB curve adjustment for super-fine image tuning.

There are rotate and flip tools, a crop option with support for common aspect ratios, and an excellent "straighten" tool (click and drag to rotate the image in your preview window, with an overlaid grid to ensure it's lined up precisely).

Once you've finished, the picture may be saved as a PNG or JPG, optionally with a custom image watermark.

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The "global edits only" restriction is annoying, but Polarr Photo Editor is still a useful tool, and some elements - like image straightening and cropping with aspect ratio support - might justify the download all on their own.