PhotoSun 14 is a simple photo editor which places a strong emphasis on being fun and easy to use.

The program presents its key options via nine toolbar buttons. Click "Rotate", for instance, and the current image rotates by 90 degrees (there's no "free rotate" option), while there are also simple Crop and Rotate functions, as well as a Red Eye remover.

PhotoSun 14 gets more interesting with the Adjust button, where sliders allow you to tweak Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Highlight, Shadows , Sharpness and "De-Noise". Each of these can be applied to your choice of channel, and a histogram keeps you up-to-date with your progress.

If that's a little too technical, try clicking the Effects button. Here you can make your image black and white, or sepia; apply an "Antique", "Matte" or "Vignette" effect; add one of 9 frames, or present your image in what the program calls a "Collage" effect (which really just means framing it in another image, for example presenting your picture as though it's a picture on a wall).

The "Slide" option can then turn an entire folder of images into a slideshow, with custom themes and music. This is quick and easy to use, but lacks the power of dedicated slideshow tools (you can't define your own transitions or add text captions, for instance).

The "Mail" function was a surprise. We expected it to open the "New Message" dialog of our default email client, with the current image already included as an attachment. But actually the program comes with its own simple email function, where you can present your image in a custom theme and add your own message.

Elsewhere, there's also a Facebook upload tool. A Metadata button allows you to display and edit any image tags. And if this includes GPS information then you can even view the photo's location on a map.

There are plenty of limitations here. We missed having no Paint or Text tools, for instance. And while it sounds like you're getting a lot of functionality from this list, the individual tools are generally basic and short on configuration options. So you can't adjust the strength of the effects, or the size of the frames, for example - you just have to live with the default settings.

If you don't really care about the fine details of graphics editing, though, and just want a quick way to add some fun effects to a few photos then PhotoSun 14 might be worth a try.

Version is a bug-fix release.

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PhotoSun 14 offers lots of tools, but taken individually they're mostly rather basic. The program is fun for photo editing beginners, but more experienced users should stay away