HDR images (high dynamic range) have become something of a phenomenon in recent years and the trend has been picked up by amateur and professional photographers alike. By combining two or more images taken with different exposure settings, it is possible to create eye catching images that enhance all of the best elements of your shots.

Photomatrix Pro in a few easy steps. After dragging and dropping your source images in the program, you can choose between using 'Exposure fusion' and 'Details enhancer tone mapping' modes depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

A live preview helps you to get an idea of how the completed image will look, and you can make further adjustments before saving the files ready to share with others.

By adjusting accentuation, blending point, shadows, colour saturation and midtones settings, it is possible to create stunning looks from otherwise ordinary images. HDR processed image can be saved as JPEGs or 16-bit TIFFs so they are ready to use in print or online.

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Photomatrix Pro is capable of producing some truly beautiful images and is a great way to show off your photography.