NanOGG is a tiny portable OGG player for the Windows command line, a simple way to be sure you can listen to OGG files anywhere.

There's nothing complicated to the program, no hidden surprises. It arrives as a single EXE file (< 200KB), just copy it wherever you need.

NanOGG is designed for the command line, but you don't have to use it that way. Just drag and drop an OGG file from Explorer onto the program and it'll start playing immediately. (It just plays, there's no interface, no stop/ pause/ restart buttons, nothing at all.)

If you are at the command line, the program works precisely as you'd expect: just pass it the name of your file.

nanogg-cli c:\folder\audio.ogg

There are no other command line options, switches or help, and the program won't even complain if you pass it the name of a non-existent file: it just won't do anything.

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NanOGG is a compact and convenient way to play OGG files anywhere. It doesn't have a single extra feature, though, so if you just need wider file format on your own PC then we'd install something like VLC Media Player, instead.