Media players are a dime a dozen these days, so what's Mufin got that iTunes, VLC or WinAmp don’t? Digital storage has enabled many of us to have a vast collection of music stored on our PCs. The problem is that we often don’t have enough time to listen to everything or even dip in and out of our collections effectively. It’s very easy to end up listening to the same old tunes while many lie ignored, forgotten and even undiscovered. Quite simply Mufin Player helps you to experience a wider range from your collection.

Mufin Player helps you to harness the full breadth of your music by analysing what each track sounds like. It takes a little longer than most players to scan your collection, but once it’s done so, the program can match similar sounding tracks and even create themed playlists based upon a selected track. Based on a sound analysis of that track Mufin Player can populate a playlist with matching songs from your collection.

Select any song that Mufin has already analysed to see recommendations of similar tracks based on what they sound like. It can even update track information based upon sound. There's a built in web browser that enables you to locate online music from various streaming services. You can also store up to 1GB of tunes in Mufin's free online storage, ready for you to access from anywhere, using the mobile application on any Android phone. There's a web based app for you to use from any browser, too.

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Mufin Player helps organise your music collection while connecting you to social networks and online stores. It's the ultimate music-management suite.